Bicentennial Sponsored Event:
Beyond Boundaries - Indiana Academies Symposium
April 9 - 10, 2021
Symposium Chair Dr. Surekha Rao

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Beyond Boundaries-Indiana Academies Symposium is a unique cross-disciplinary conference bringing together fourteen academic and professional societies that represents a wealth of subjects from natural and physical sciences to social sciences, from public health, nutrition and nursing to languages and humanities. The Symposium is a joint platform for all researchers, scholars, students, and professionals, breaking traditional silos.

The symposium, a legacy project of the IU Bicentennial, will be held April 9-10, 2021 virtually. It will draw on IU's over 200 years of leadership in higher education and research by bringing the state's academic and professional associations together virtually. During the conference, participants will be able to attend some organization’s annual meetings, participate in specially planned breakout sessions, view all cross-disciplinary poster sessions, listen to a variety of keynote speakers, and join cross-disciplinary panel of experts addressing challenges and opportunities facing Hoosiers.

Program Committee

Dr. Surekha Rao ( of IU Northwest is Chair of the Symposium. Representatives from the participating organizations serve on the symposium’s program committee. Committee members are:

Dr. Sara Adams
Dr. Erin Argyilan
Dr. Demetra Andrews
Mr. Jonathan Barclay
Dr. Delores Brown
Dr. Dominic D'Ettore
Dr. Frederique Deiss
Dr. Heather Duemling
Dr. Frank Hess
Dr. Israel Herrera
Dr. Timothy Johnson
Dr. Leah Milne
Dr. Michella Marino
Dr. Dulce Maria Scott
Dr. Linda Osborn
Dr. J. Michael Raley
Dr. Doug Stemke
Dr. Steven Stofferahn
Ms. Joan Trendell
Dr. Richard van Rijn
Dr. Laura Merrifield Wilson
Dr. Steven Zimmerly